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Back in motion | instagram-pslilyboutique, fashion blogger, fashion blog, fashionista, pslilyboutique, los angeles fashion

Back in motion | instagram-pslilyboutique, los angeles fashion blogger, fashion blog, fitness, fashionista, spring 2015 outfit ideas

Back in motion | instagram pslilyboutique, los angeles fashion blogger, fashion blog, fashionista, street style, outfit Back in motion | PSLily Boutique

I was wearing:

Top of the world SIUC cap (similar style on sale!) | running half zip jacket (similar here on sale!) | Jockey leggings | Nike sneakers | Gap vest ( love this similar style )

Photos by iBakefilm

     Hello everyone! Once, it gets warmer here we get our fitness on and get back in motion. I think we all need a nice spring pullover jacket that’s great for running, workouts, and if you want to add to your casual wear as well. Its light wear is versatile for layering with a lovely vest for the spring chill we currently have. I paired them with my favorite active leggings and I’m ready to keep moving. Be sure you are drinking enough if you are experiencing headaches. Through my personal experience; headaches can be due to dehydration.

     Also, They pretty much go with everything and so comfortable for a long period of time for that busy lifestyle. I love the stretch and flex material on these and cotton blends. They are breathable so it’s perfect for spring, some summer days and nights too. The ideal lightweight sneakers training or running around while doing errands are these Nike sneakers.

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