Top 5 Benefits of Green Juices

Oyster blender, smart water, busy bee honey, organic spinach, apples, organic celery

Lately, I have a grown up way of thinking. With that in mind, I’ve taken careful consideration on the choices that I make about what goes into my body. How about you?  But, this transition wasn’t that difficult for me. It has always been part of my life. The healthy lifestyle has always been in the back of my mind. There are endless benefits of green juices. Today, I have to point out what I think are my top 5 benefits of green juices. All, are from numerous taste testings and from my personal experiences.

1. The fresh vegetables and fruits that are combined to make these green juices are jam packed with healthy antioxidants that will help your body retain energy throughout the day. You feel better when you have energy and for long term benefits too.

2. You are taking in more vegetables and fruits per serving and sitting. As compared, to snacking on baby carrots or vegetable trays(which are my absolute favorite). Not saying that you should stop eating those. But you’ll see what I’m talking about.

3. There’s so much fiber in one glass of juice. Fiber is good for you and it keeps you full longer.

4. You see results in positive ways. Juices that are store bought are tricky. Read the labels, since there are hidden sugars that will actually make you gain weight.

5. You can customize your own juice by choosing your own ingredients and be aware what is actually working or not working for your body. Lastly, they are perfect for a busy work schedule.

I came up with my own recipe yesterday and it only took less then five minutes without leaving the house. Try it out and let me know what you think.

PSLily Boutique: Homemade, green juice recipe


1 cup of cold filtered water

1  1/2 handful of organic baby spinach

1 stalk of organic celery

1 small gala apple

1 teaspoon of Busy Bee clover honey


Wash everything very well. I prefer the pre-wash baby spinach since it cuts out washing time by more than half. For celery, make sure you de-vain the celery by taking carefully taking off the top layer or strings. It helps, so you don’t get that potent taste of celery. Plus that will cut your blending time too.  Normally, I would chop everything up and put everything in a bowl for easy access. Last step; you can put all the ingredients in a blender. I used a regular blender and blend until all the chunks becomes a liquid consistency. I know some may say use that special kind of blender to separate the skin and chunks of the fruits and vegetables but I say you need all of that for energy. That’s where the nutrients come from. So, I just keep them and blend. This recipes makes about 1 glass full. The taste is cool, fresh and refreshing. Enjoy!

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