Caprese Salad

 Caprese Salad, homemade, recipe, food, instagram-pslilyboutique-fashion-blogWe are lucky to have fresh produce in L.A. throughout the year. May it be from our local farmer’s market, grocery store or my favorite;  Trader Joe’s. I made this caprese salad the other day and fell in love. I love to experiment with recipes and homemade meals. Since, everyday your taste buds needs to be refreshed and renewed.


1-2 organic roma tomatoes

1 package fresh organic basil

all natural mozzarella cheese

2 slices of organic lemon

1 tablespoon of Bertolli extra virgin olive oil

black pepper and salt


Wash and dry tomatoes and basil. Prepare: slice tomatoes, break off the basil leaves from the stems, and slice lemon. Set all to side. Then start arranging basil first, then tomatoes on top and sliced mozzarella cheese on a salad plate. Squeeze lemon all over, drizzle olive oil, and add black pepper and salt(season to taste). x